Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits (capsicum) Drink Clean & Healthy IONIZED Water – AlkaViva

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper 1.Heart Health 2. Antioxidant 3. Pain Relief 4. Cancer Prevention 5. Weight Loss 6. Prevents Blood Clots 7. Prevents Stomach Ulcers 8. Stops Bleeding. Combine this herb with Clean Healthy Ionized water and you have a HEALTH of a WINNER! For more info click on this link Dr. Young discusses how to maintain a HEALTHY pH balance in the body by drinking Alkaline water. For more info click on this link Dr.Young covers the 7 stages of
Acidosis. Click here to find out about CLEAN & HEALTHY Alkaline Water Dr. Young discusses the 4 ways your body eliminates acid. For more info click on this link Jay Hare CEO of AlkaViva (formerly IONWAYS) welcomes NEW distributors to the AlkaViva family. Manufactured and engineered by SAMSUNG (along with EMCO Tech)! Come JOIN us at Listen to Tony explain GOOD HEALTH through pH balance and alkalizing your body. The BEST way to Alkalize your body is CLEAN Ionized Alkaline Water. Click here to get CLEAN Ionized Alkaline Water Short Video showing how to Convert your AlkaViva Vesta Water Ionizer to from 110v to 220v. Click here to get CLEAN Ionized Alkaline Water
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