Build a Better Grey Water Filter System for Budget Off Grid Living!

One of the issues with living off-grid was what to do with soapy water or food particles from cooking. It’s not wise to just pour the water in the bush. Eventually, it will attract mice, rats and bears. Not an ideal encounter when out in the boonies.
After watching a few YouTube videos, we came up with a simple, inexpensive way to filter water from a sink or shower for off grid use. The purpose was to filter the water and it can safely dispense into the ground.
It is composed of four, 5-gallon buckets that are put in series.
The first bucket was placed inside the cabins crawl space. It’s jobs was to separates the larger food particles with the aid of plastic pot scrubbers and some ice cube size rocks. If there is an issue, the lid can be removed.
Next, the grey water seeps through a short vertical 3 inch ABS pipe with many holes and flows down a drain to three 5 gallon water buckets. The three buckets are located outside the cabin foundation and buried 3 feet underground. The buckets are joined together by 3 inch ABS pipe and filled with gravel. The grey water is then filtered down through the rocks, escapes through holes in the buckets.
This filter system should work much better for the colder water and no worries with rodents.
Thanks for watching!
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