Brita 10 cup Everyday Water Filter Pitcher Review

Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Brita 10-Cup Everyday Water Filter Pitcher. LINK TO Brita 10-Cup Pitcher:
LINK TO Replacement Filters: This is Brita’s largest basic pitcher. It measures about 10.5 inches tall by 11 inches wide. It should fit inside most refrigerator doors or you can leave it on your countertop.
The pitcher is oval in shape so it will take up less space wherever you put it. The plastic is bpa free and pitcher comes in white. The handle is comfortable. One filter as well as an instruction manual is included with the pitcher. Brita states each filter can replace 300 16.9 ounces bottles of water.

The included stickers can be placed on the lid and recommends when the filter should be changed. Brita states the filter reduces zinc, chlorine taste and odor, copper, mercury and cadmium, all of which may be in tap water.

Now, I won’t be doing a scientific test but will tell you how my tap water tastes after using the Brita pitcher. This is the filter that came with the pitcher. It has an easy grip top. I’ve used it about 2 months and it does need replacing because the water has been flowing very slowly through the filter. I did take it out, shake it, rinse it under water and put it back in the pitcher 2 weeks ago. That helped the water flow a bit faster but now it needs to be replaced. Brita recommends replacing the filter after 40 gallons or 2 months. All you have to do with a new Brita filter is rinse it under tap water for 15 seconds.

I’ve used a Brita slim pitcher in the past and many years ago you had to soak the filter in water for 10-15 minutes, now it’s more convenient. You can filter water really quickly out of the box. Line up the notch in the pitcher with the groove in the filter and place it in the reservoir. Press it to make sure it is tightly sealed. Fill this with tap water and cover with the lid. With a new filter, discard the first three pitchers of water or use it in your garden. You might see some carbon dust in the first three pitchers. I did notice that when using this newly designed advanced filter,there are no carbon flakes. This is the older style filter which often left carbon in the water. If you have an older style filter, it will still fit in this model. If the pitcher is full, it will feel heavy to lift with one hand. It weighs about one pound when it’s empty. This is a standard lid and you have to remove it to fill with water. The lid fits tightly and has not fallen off while I pour water. Don’t pour water into your glass until all the water in the reservoir has flowed into the bottom. Some other models of Brita pitchers come with easy fill lids which are flip top where you don’t have to remove the lid.

This is a glass of my tap water and I’ll pour a glass of Brita filtered water. I already know my tap water tastes and smells like chlorine and it’s very salty. It is not something I want to drink. The filtered water has no taste which is how it should be. There is no smell or taste of chlorine and no saltiness, no metallic taste. You really feel like you’re drinking clean water. Filtered water is also best for making coffee and tea, baby formula and even cooking.

The one small design issue I have with the Brita is the open spout. Some other Brita pitchers have closed spouts so nothing falls in. Then again, this is called a basic pitcher and inexpensive, so I really can’t complain.

As for cleaning, take the filter out and wash the pitcher, reservoir and lid with warm soapy water. Since it’s white in color, you’ll know when it needs cleaning.

The Brita Pitcher is an affordable way to have cleaner water every day. I like the 10 cup size because I don’t have to fill up the reservoir as often as my old slim pitcher. It’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly than purchasing bottled water. I really like that Brita has made it easy for you to recycle their filters, pitchers and other products. You can drop the item off at certain locations or mail them with a free shipping label at

Overall, I’m very happy with the Brita Pitcher and feel it’s a great buy. It’s such a basic and useful product to have in your home because you need to drink clean water every day. I’ve put the link to the Brita Pitcher in the description below. Please subscribe for more useful reviews and thanks for watching!

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