Birch Tree Water Review – Is It Healthy?

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Birch tree water can promote good kidney health by eliminating waste through the urinary tract like excess salt, phosphates, uric acid, urea and ammonia. This detoxification process often leads to weight loss as well.

Good Liver health is another effect of birch tree sap by neutralizing toxic waste products in the liver such as pesticides, saturated fat and alcohol.

Birch Tree water contains a similar array of vitamins and nutrients as coconuts but also contains saponin, a compound that has been shown to have blood cholesterol lowering properties. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study in 1997 that found saponins can lower cholesterol by binding bile acids to cholesterol. Saponins prevent the re-absorption of body cholesterol by forming mixed micelles, which also aids in it’s excretion.

Birch Water has been shown to decrease cavities from it’s natural sugar xylitol.

This tree water also has diuretic properties which can help flush out uric acid, toxins, excess water and cellulite.

Although not scientifically proven birch tree water has been touted for it’s skin rejuvinating and cell protecting effects. It can also provide protection from oxidative stress, environmental pollution, ultra violet rays and inflammation.

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