an AMETURES install of the Ispring RCC7 Reverse Osmosis System

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I installed this a couple months ago, and have had nothing but problems with it.

The company is always there for me, and sends me free parts, but I am frankly getting tired of getting under the sink, taking this out, and replacing stuff…

First the pressure tank was bad, and gave the water a bad taste. They sent a new one, I replaced it, it tasted better. Then I decided to replace the post carbon filter, water tasted better yet.

Then I watched the TDS reading creep up from an initial value of 23 to 75 in just two months.

They sent me a new RO membrane, and a check valve. The TDS values are back down, but for how long???

I am beyond tired of messing with this… I should have installed a 3 or 4 stage filter and been done with it…. I still may

Excuse the mess. I did this install in a couple of hour on a busy Saturday when I had a ton of other things I wanted to do…