Alkaline Water Filter System Whole Home Water Filtration System – Part 4 of 4

Alkaline Water Filter System and Whole Home Water Filtration Systems Part 4 Our 4-part Alkaline pH Home Water Filtration series as presented by Leo Szymborski, the founder of pH Prescription alkaline water purification filtration systems.

pH Prescription is leader in providing structured alkaline, energized water for drinking and cooking and whole house water filter systems to provide clean, pure, refreshing water from every tap in your home. We are known as the “water doctors recommend” and for good reason due to our extraordinary proprietary water filtration systems to give you alkaline pH water from your kitchen counter or under the sink.

Drinking Water Filter System

We believe we have the best alkaline water filters and whole house water filter systems on the market today and we think you will too. What makes our water filters different from our competitors? Our water filter systems restructure water molecules to hydrate at the cellular level while creating alkaline pH water for drinking.

Our water filters can remove up to 99% of chlorine, chloramines, fluorides, toxins, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and more, so you can cook, bathe, wash and drink clean, pure water that is healthy for you and can slow the aging process.

Alkaline Water Benefits

We have restructured the size of the water molecule so that it can enter the cell wall to feed and nourish the cells and let them flush toxins and waste so that we can hydrate the cell on the inside.

Our Best Whole House Water Filter System

Ph Prescription water filters are designed and manufactured in America and we use the highest quality media for filtering your drinking and bathing water. We use a fibonacci golden ratio multi layer filtering system that is our proprietary design.

Water Filtration System for Well Water

pH Prescription can also make custom water filtration systems for you if you have well water. We will help you determine which toxins and contaminants are in your well water and design a water filtration system unit just for your situation.

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Alkaline Water Filter System Whole Home Water Filtration System