Alkaline Water Filter System Whole Home Water Filtration System – Part 3 of 4

Alkaline Water Filter System and Whole Home Water Filtration Systems Part 3 Our 4-part Alkaline pH Home Water Filtration series as presented by Leo Szymborski, the founder of pH Prescription alkaline water home purification filtration systems.

Water Filtration System For Home

Learn what makes pH Prescription home water filtration systems so superior to other water filter systems. With our home water filter system technology you can transform your chemical laden city water or well water into clean, pure refreshing water alkaline structured water to balance your body’s pH levels and slow the aging process. Plus, we have restructured the water molecules to a smaller size so your cells can absorb the water faster thus flushing out the toxins that may lie in each cell. That’s why you get better health benefits from our water filters.

Drinking Water Filter System

Our proprietary filtered water systems give you more levels of filtration than any other water filter on the market. That’s why we are known as “the water doctors recommend.”

Some of the benefits of using our high quality alkaline pH water filters:

* Delicious tasting purified Water for better health benefits.
* Uses a higher filtration process. Removes more harmful contaminants and toxins in your water – up to 99%.
* Raises Alkaline pH to 8.5 – 9.5 to help reduce acidity in the body, a significant cause of many illnesses.
* Increases oxygen and electrons in the water to make “living” water.
* Water molecules are re-structured for better cell membrane assimilation and hydration.
* Water is energized for antioxidant anti-aging properties.

We would love to help you and your family experience pure refreshing and delicious tasting alkaline pH drinking water from your own kitchen faucet with an under the sink model or you can have a counter top model that offers the same convenience.

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Alkaline Water Filter System Whole Home Water Filtration System