I tested the pH of 24 cheap and expensive bottles of water with a pH reagent drop kit! Results will vary but it is the water color/pH scale coordination is a pretty accurate measurement you can use as a tool to finding out the pH of drinking water!

Starbucks Tap Water: 8 (ALKALINE)
Wegmans Spring Water: 5-6 (ACID)
Kings Spring Water: 6.5-7 (ACID/NEUTRAL)
Deer Park Spring Water: 6-6.5 (ACID)
Fred Water: 5 (ACID)
Dasani Purified Water: 4 (ACID)
VOSS Water: 6 (ACID)
Aqua Hydrate Purified Water: 8.5 (ALKALINE)
Smart Water: 7 (NEUTRAL)
Poland Spring Water: 6.5 (ACID)
Eternal Natural Alkaline Water: 8-8.5 (ALKALINE)
1907 New Zealand Alkaline Water: 8-8.5 (ALKALINE)
Icelandic Glacial Water: 8.5 (ALKALINE)
Acqua Panna Spring Water: 8.5 (ALKALINE)
Fiji Natural Artesian Water: 8 (ALKALINE)
Core Hydration Water: 8 (ALKALINE)
Life Water pH: 6.5-7 (NEUTRAL)
Essentia Hydration Water: 8.5-9 (HIGHLY ALKALINE)
Qure Purified Water: 8.5-9 (HIGHLY ALKALINE)
Evamore Natural Artesian Water: 8.5 (ALKALINE)
Evian Natural Spring Water: 8 (ALKALINE)
Our Sink Water From Our House: 8 (ALKALINE)
Our Filtered Fridge Water: 8.5 (HIGHLY ALKALINE)
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