3M Aqua-Pure AP903 Whole House Water Filter

3M Aqua-Pure AP903 Whole House Water Filter.
We removed the GE Whole House Water Filter Cartridge System as it proved Inadequate for a house with Long Island water that is full of Iron and Sulfur.
Showing The Correct Way to Install a Whole House Water Filter System
This is an Excellent Whole House Water Filtration System that filters to 5 Microns with a Screw In Blue Filter Cartridge that looks like an oxygen tank, that must be replaced the earlier of either One Year, or 100,000 Gallons.
Provides Clean Tasting Water from water that is full of Iron and Sulfur. We have had only clean, clear, water from this unit.
The One Inch Connector on top allows for unrestricted water flow with no loss of pressure observed.
Easy To Install, and Cost Effective. Unit Costs 0 and replacement filters are 0.
25 year limited warranty on the stainless steel head.
My Only question is whether it will last a full year, as we have previously used the GE Whole House water cartridge system and that got dirty and clogged every month or so, despite its rating. If you do not replace the filter after a year, it could burst and flood your home.
The Quality of the filtering of the 3M unit is just Excellent, Water is Crystal Clear. Your family will appreciate it.