12 Volt water pump, Shurflo pump and Water Filter for filling RV Caravan tanks, or camping shower

This is what I use to pump and filter water from the river while on our camping trips etc. It is a 12 volt water pump system, used to fill the RV tanks on our caravan, using the batteries from the RV caravan or 4WD vehicle for power. We don’t run the van from this water pump, the RV pump does that, we just fill the RV tanks, then pack it away. This system works quite well and it does what I wanted it to do. It also works well as a portable camping shower, pumping from a drum filled with warm water and a hand held shower rose with a hose fitting.
Note, I am not an electrician or an filter expert, The quality of this river water is quite good, water filters will not make contaminated water good to drink, you would need something like a Lifestraw Filter for that.
I am happy with the way this works, If you are going to make something make sure what you do is safe for you and your kids, This is the way I have done it and the experts may not agree it is the way to do it. (Check that what you are doing will not harm you in any way, ask the people that know, eg: electrician and filter people, just so you feel confident).

The 12v water pump, I used is a Shurflo pump 4009 Fresh Water Pump 12v 11.3Lpm

The last filter in my system is a 322H B.E.S.T Inline Water Filter.

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Please have a look. Travel safe and have fun.