♡DIY Detox Water II 3 Healthy+Easy Ideas♡


As ya’ll know i am passionate on keeping healthy and happy, so this video suggested by Millie will give you some ideas on Detox Drinks for you to try! Enjoy!

Apple And Cinnamon Infusion:

Slice the apples into thin strips or chunks, whatever you like but i chose circle slices.
Next add in 1-3 cinnamon sticks, (NOT POWDER!♥)
Add water, remember the more water the less the fruits flavour will come out.
You can use a pitcher or a seive to take out the cinnamon and apple to leave you with flavoured water.

Lemon and Cucumber Shock

Slice around 5-7 slices of cucumber into a glass.
Then squeeze half a lemon for an extra beneficial punch. I used 2 big squeezes but don’t be afraid to use half a lemon!
Add water but not to much as you want a strong lemon juice.
Leave in the fridge for 5-10 minutes and enjoy!

Tropical Taster

For this Detox Water you will need:


Slice everything up safely, get an adult to help if you are a younger viewer. I cut up half an apple and a few orange peices and 3 strawberries.
Dont forget to add water and enjoy!

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