ISpring RCC7AK 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Review

This ISpring RCC7AK 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis under sink unit is very nice and has great tasting water, We bought this because our city water is terrible and has lots of bad stuff in it. I added the Additional Mineral filter to the unit to add additional minerals, I use a Water TDS meter to chk filters and Ph test strips. We are looking at upgrading the reverse osmosis cartridge to a 100gpd and increasing the storage tank size to 5 gallons. if you like the video please like subscribe and share the video.

*ISpring RCC7AK

*75 GPD Ro membrane

*ISpring 1 year Filter set

*Ro mineral Filter Add-on

*5 Gallon Tank upgrade

*HM Digital TDS-EZ Water Quality TDS Tester

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USA Filtration Systems Under Sink Water Filter: By Lori Young of the Weekend Handyman

USA Filtration Systems Under Sink Water Filter: By Lori Young of the Weekend Handyman

Whole House System
USA Filtration Systems Whole House Filtration System is designed to remove dirt, rust and contaminants from your incoming water to provide clean, filtered water throughout your whole house.

Drinking Water System
USA Filtration Systems Drinking Water Filtration system will replace the faucet-mounted water filter, counter-top system as well as the pitcher filtration system

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DIY Biosand Drinking Water Filter

My version of a homemade “biosand” water filter. This simple homemade water filter is large enough to treat drinking water for a small household. The filter is portable and made from commonly available materials. The filter media is sand and pea gravel. Solar disinfection can be used to disinfect the filtered water. As a result your off grid drinking water supply is never dependent on consumable items like fuel, electricity, chemicals, activated charcoal.

For more information about “biosand” water filtration technology and a different design, check out this web address:

Biosand water filter manual .pdf: (Design, construction, installation, operation, maintenance)…

HomePure Water Filtration System – Arabic مكونات و مراحل “هوم بيور”، نظام معالجة مياه الشرب المنزلية

يمثل الماء 70% من الكتلة الحيوية لأجسامنا، و هو ضروري لإبقائنا على قيد الحياة. و لكن مع تزايد و تراكم الملوثات من حولنا، صار الحصول على كوب مياه نظيفة و آمنة مهمة عسيرة المنال!
الآن يأتينا “هوم بيور”، الحل المثالي و المتكامل من “كيونت”، لمياه آمنة، صحية و نظيفة.

ليس هذا فحسب، و إنما مع “هوم بيور” تستعيد المياه قدرتها على تغذية الجسم بالأملاح المعدنية اللازمة، و الارتقاء بالخصائص الطبيعية و الكيميائية للمياه لتصل بها إلى درجة التماثل مع السوائل الخلوية لأجسامنا، مما يرفع من كفاءة الجسم في الاستفادة من المياه.

“هوم بيور” من عائلة الفلاتر فائقة الدقة، و التي تصل دقتها إلى واحد من مائة “للميكرون”، أو واحد على مائة ألف من “المليمتر”، و هو ما يماثل عشرة أضعاف الدقة الشائعة بين الفلاتر التقليدية.

كما أنه كذلك يعمل على “قلونة” المياه (جعلها قلوية)، و في هذا يمكن الرجوع للسلسلة القلوية على هذه القناة للتعرف على الفوائد الجمة للمياه القلوية.

“هوم بيور” تم اعتماده من منظمة الاعتماد الدولية ذائعة الصيت NSF:

للطلب و الشراء:

للمزيد عن سلع و خدمات كيونت: (طارق الدناصوري.. 201066696705+)…

Whole House Water Filtration Information

Learn more about Water Filtration products, installation and service available from Dutton Plumbing. We are the leading Water Quality Experts in Ventura and Los Angeles counties. Don’t settle for water that isn’t 100% clean and healthy. Get your homes water tested today by calling Dutton Plumbing. Local water filtration, quality, purification and reverse osmosis experts.…

Beginner Backpacking Part 6 – Water Treatment and Storage

How can you make your water safe to drink while hiking/camping? What kind of container should you store it in?

Sawyer Mini
Sawyer Squeeze – Select option for “personal 1 pouch”

Osprey Hydraulics LT Water Bladder (I use the 2.5L)
Potable aqua

How to Connect Existing Water Filter to Fridge with iSpring Ice Maker Water Line Installation kit

This convenient refrigerator ice maker water line installation kit will connect your refrigerator with your existing water filtration system, thus eliminating the need for the ineffective but expensive refrigerator filter cartridge. You will enjoy crystal clear ice cubes and great tasting RO water right from the refrigerator dispenser. This quality kit includes all parts you will need for quick and easy connection. It comes with both Push-in quick connect fitting and a set of compression fitting, providing you both options for various refrigerators. The kit includes one quick-connect Tee fitting, one quick-connect Shut-off Valve and 20 feet of Tested by independent third-party to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 1/4″ food-grade tubing. The “Tee” fitting diverts the RO purified water between the fridge and RO faucet giving access to both outlets. The ball valve can shut off water flow to the fridge when necessary.…

10 Best Water Filter System Reviews 2017

1 | iSpring RCC7 WQA ►

2 | APEC Top Tier ►

3 | Express Water ROALK5D ►

4 | Culligan US-3UF ►


6 | Home Master TMAFC ►

7 | APEC Top Tier Supreme ►

8 | iSpring CU-A4 ►

9 | APEC WFS-1000 ►

10 | Aquasana AQ-5300 ►

Looking for the Best Water Filter System?
Check out those 10 Best Water Filter System Reviews 2017.

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DIY How to Install a Big Blue Whole House Water Fillter- Copper to PEX Water Purifier Installation

Check out the Big Blue filter and cartridge assortments here:

This DIY video tutorial walks through the process of installing a Big Blue 4.5″ x 10″ whole house water filter. In this installation I converted from copper plumbing to PEX and back to copper to make the installation easier. I installed ball valves directly before and after the filter housing so that I can shut off the water when changing filters. I also cut in a T fitting and a separate ball valve for my outdoor water faucet. This process will be the same or similar on other in line filter housing as well.

Check out the Big Blue filter and cartridge assortments here:…

Aqua-Pure Reverse Osmosis System APRO5500 Under Sink Water Filtration System

Aqua-Pure Reverse Osmosis System APRO5500 Under Sink Water Filtration System
Check out here on

Advanced four-stage filtration process helps provide clear tasty drinking water
Five-micron filtration reduces sediment and rust to minimal levels
Universal design allows use with municipal chlorinated or well non-chlorinated water supplies
High-flux thin-film reverse osmosis membrane provides a production rate of up to 25 gallons 95 liters per day
Automatic shutoff helps promote peak efficiency and water conservation…